1. The General Sales Conditions of Weelko Barcelona S.L. become tacitly accepted by the Distributor once an order is placed and the quote is accepted.
2. The Distributor is required to submit a written order. Weelko Barcelona S.L. will inform the Distributor about the products availability, the time for delivery and will create the required quote.
3. The order will be processed at the reception of the full payment by bank transfer.
4. With the aim of booking special products or products which are out of stock, the Weelko may require the Distributor to pay in advance a 30% of the total amount by bank transfer. Once the product is available, Weelko will inform the Distributor in order to proceed with the payment of the remaining 70% and, in this way, manage the shipment of the purchased product.
5. The promotions will be valid only until the last established day or until end of stock, except for typographical error.


6. The prices shown in the price list and webpage do not include the taxes and transport.
7. Weelko Barcelona S.L. reserves the right to modify the prices in any moment, committing itself to maintain the established prices in the valid offers, except for typographical error.


8. The goods are sold EXW in Berga (Barcelona) and always travel at the Distributor risk and expense, even if it is Weelko Barcelona S.L. who manages the service. Weelko Barcelona S.L. is excluded from any liability related to mislaying, loss, breakdowns and all what may happen concerning the transport.
9. The Distributor will have to detail all the information needed to ensure a good customs clearance of the Products and a good service.
10. In order to manage any kind of reclamation to Weelko Barcelona S.L. related to transport, either for damage, or non-compliance with the received goods, error or omission of the order, the recipient will have to put it on record on the delivery note of the transport company with the comment “Reservation claim”. If the product or the packing is visibly damaged, write down “Accepted with visible damage” on the delivery note of the transport company and immediately inform Weelko Barcelona S.L. to be able to complain about it to the transport agency during the first 24 hours. In both situations the Distributor counts on 24 hours to inform Weelko Barcelona S.L. to proceed to place the claim. Weelko Barcelona S.L. will not take any responsibility for the damages related to transport after the first 24 hours or if the recipient has not written it down on the delivery note.
11. The delays on the deliveries do not give any right to the Distributor to cancel the order and refuse the goods.
12. Weelko Barcelona S.L. reserves itself the possibility of splitting the order into multiple deliveries at no additional cost for the customer.
13. Weelko Barcelona S.L. will not accept any return of goods which are not sent in the original package and in perfect condition.
14. After the revision of the goods in the premises of Berga, Weelko Barcelona S.L. commits itself to issue the credit note if everything is in order.


1. Weelko Barcelona, S.L. guarantees the material against manufacture defects during 12 months from the date of purchase. The invoice issued by Weelko Barcelona S.L. will become the guarantee certify to be kept.
2. The resolution of incidences that may arise under or out of the guarantee period is under the Distributor responsibility who will count on the Manufacturer’s cooperation in order to solve them, as far as possible in the Territory itself.
3. The Distributor will have to send the Manufacturer a detailed report of the incidence to detect the cause of the dysfunction.
4. Once detected, the Distributor has to indicate the necessary piece to the Manufacturer in order to solve the incidence. If the product is under guarantee, the Manufacturer will provide the piece at no cost. The transport costs will be paid by the Distributor or the piece can be included in a Distributor’s order.
5. If the Distributor cannot detect the dysfunction, then the piece or product will have to be sent to the Manufacturer to make it checked or repaired. The transport costs will be paid by the Distributor.
6. In any cases, the guarantee is always given at Weelko premises in Berga (Barcelona) and the Distributor will have to pay for the transport expenses.
7. Out of the guarantee period, the pieces, the labour and the transport costs will be paid by the Distributor.
8. In no way whatsoever, the Manufacturer will contact the end customer of the Distributor.
9. The defects or damages caused due to a bad use or an inappropriate packing of the product, to negligence, to fortuitous causes or to natural wear of the product remain out of the guarantee terms.
10. Returns of material will not be accepted if they have not been previously authorised in writing by Weelko Barcelona S.L.
11. The guarantee will be cancelled automatically in case of misfunctions due to internal or non-authorised manipulations of the products.
12. Weelko Barcelona S.L. will not accept any return of material which has not been previously notified by the Distributor and authorised by Weelko.
13. Those products susceptible of being credited, will have to be returned to Weelko Barcelona at carriage paid and in within a period of 15 days maximum counting from its reception. Weelko Barcelona will not issue any credit note for those materials sent without prior notice and which are not in perfect condition and sent in its original packaging. At the reception of the goods at Weelko premises and if the returned goods are in order, Weelko Barcelona may issue the corresponding credit note.
14. The amending or replacement of a faulty product does not change the guarantee of the whole unit. The new piece will have a 12-month guarantee period from the amending or replacement date.
15. Weelko Barcelona S.L will not take any responsibility on any upholstery made by the customer. Weelko Barcelona S.L. only guarantees the quality of the upholstery finish made by the Manufacturer. Any variation made by the Distributor or the customer will be under their responsibility and the guarantee terms will not be applicable to anything that may arise from this modification.


16. As per all the points previously stated in the current sales of terms, those Distributors working under DROP SHIPPING terms must bear in mind that Weelko’s guarantee in order to proceed with after-sales issues are applicable at Weelko premises in Berga (Barcelona). With the help of Weelko, the cause of the dysfunction will try to be detected as much as possible in order to avoid returns from the Distributor to Weelko. If the cause of the breakdown is detected, Weelko will send the needed part for the repairing or replacement without cost, but the Distributor will have to pay the shipment expenses. If the goods need to be sent back to Weelko to be either repaired or replaced, the Distributor will have to face the transport expenses to send it and to return it.


1. Special sales conditions established between seller and buyer, and different from the aforementioned general conditions, shall only amend the specific points indicated in relevant agreements, without affecting the remaining points.
2. Any special agreements shall only be valid and binding if made in writing.
3. In the event of disputes related to the enforcement of the “General Sales Conditions”, the competent Court of Law shall be that of Berga (Barcelona).


1. In order to clean skay or PU upholstery, no special method is required. Normal dirt can be removed by a damp cloth (not wet). Dry-foam, available on the market, can also be used.
Do not use abrasive detergents or solvents.
The manufacturers cannot guarantee the removal of stains caused by chemical substances or acids.
2. Weelko Barcelona S.L will not be held responsible for any modification in the upholstery performed by the customer. Weelko Barcelona S.L only guarantees the quality of the upholstery supplied by the manufacturer. Any modification of the product by the customer will be under his responsibility and the guarantee terms will not be applicable with regard to this modification and product alteration.
3. With regard to wooden parts, the colour is affected by natural factors beyond our control (grain, seasoning, ageing and others).
4. The colour shown in the catalogue and website are approximate and not binding.